Worship begins with music and voices.

At HTF, we love to worship the Lord with all our mind, soul and strength!  We believe that worship is a foundational principle we must learn to do regularly while on earth, because we are going to be doing so much more of it when we get to heaven and stand face to face with the Lamb of God!

We have all different styles of musical worship at HTF, but the most important thing to understand is that we love to give glory to our King and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Come down to any of our service times and worship the Lord with us!

  • The Universe at Large7:58

  • Instrumental worship one5:37

  • Basking in the Son7:04

  • He Is Lord!.mp36:06

  • Jesus you're all to me10:14

  • Amazing.mp39:22

  • In Your Name.mp33:59

  • Enter His Rest5:37