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Most of us are familiar with the book Malachi and it's warning in 3:8-11 in which the prophet Malachi tells the people that they are cursed because they are robbing God. 

And like the Jews of Old Testament, we might find ourselves exclaiming to God, " how have I robbed you?" We may be frustrated and wondering why our finances don't seem to be blessed and there never seems to be enough to go around. 

In Malachi the prophet told the people that they were not being blessed because they were robbing God of the 10% of their increase that He had instructed them to give. 

And where were they instructed to pay this 10% tithe? Into His storehouse, so that there was enough to go around. 

The priests ate from the tithes, as well as dressed and gave to the poor from the tithes. Priests were not required to work full time and then minister to God and His people; they received their full sustenance from the storehouse. God says that a workman is worthy of his hire. A man must be paid a full and honest wage for his labors. Likewise, if a congregation wants God's blessing upon their endeavors, they must also follow God's pattern of giving, and pay an honest wage.

They must bring from their increase so that there may be all that is needed to give to the poor and to abound to every good work.

ll Cor.9:6-12 Tells us what a giver should look like. God prizes above other things and takes pleasure in a cheerful giver. AND, because they give cheerfully and generously, He will cause favor and earthly blessings to come to them in abundance! His Words, not mine! He Says while you are at it, give generously and purpose to put God's will and ways first, and He will give you blessings returning on every wave. He promises to rebuke the devourer who comes to steal. He says test Him and He will do it.

You may be thinking, I tried that and it didn't work! The problem is, this is a command. 

We don't do it a couple of times and if the blessings don't overtake us we quit, this is a lifetime commitment. 

If there is an important rule on the job, and you don't care for this particular rule, do you stop doing it? Not If you want to keep your  job you don't! If there is a law you don't like, do you disregard it when an officer is watching? No! BECAUSE it's the law.

In the same way, Father watches His Word to perform it. If we stop tithing, we ourselves have stopped the hand of God to bring our blessings to us. ll Cor. 9-6 tells you what you can expect for giving. If you give sparingly, just the required amount, expect to receive sparingly. 

If there is a special need, give an extra offering, above your tithe. God who sees in secret repays openly. You cannot outgive God! I've tried! I've commented about His extravagant giving to me at times, and He reminded me that it's His principle in action! When you see a Christian being blessed, don't be envious, they're givers. It's God's principle in action, and God who is no respector of persons will do the same for you if you weary not in well doing, for in due season, you will also reap.